Insecure: The Come up Game
(Glow Up Games

Director of Audio (2019—)

  • Create original songs and SFX for free-to-play mobile game based on the HBO scripted series Insecure
  • Curate additional songs for the game from Raedio library
  • Co-design phonetic library and rhyme-based system towards the production of RhymeStep rap mechanic
  • Work with Technical Sound Director to develop RhymeStep rap-to-speech system

    Play the game on iPhone (Android coming soon) | Visit

The Zero-Suits Podcast Situation

Co-Host, Co-Producer, Editor (2016—2020)

  • Co-hosted a patreon-funded monthly podcast with Lanre Akinsiku through which we discussed the highs and lows of our lives as creators and educators.
  • Edited speech audio and added additional SFX for all 39 episodes

    Listen to past episodes: iTunes | Soundcloud | Tune In
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